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Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Child From Hoax

This is my story of abuse at the hands of members of The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints' Melchizedek Priesthood. Their crimes, perpetrated throughout grassroots membership of this sect, span my lifetime. I don't speak for anyone else in my family—my mother, two brothers, two nephews, or niece. I hope my story shines a brighter light on how Mormonism "Holds Families Hostage" and demonstrates their Calvinistic control of government and how they maintain economic, political and social power in Utah.

As a young child in the early nineteen-sixties, I was raised in the beach cities of Torrance, Redondo Beach and Palos Verdes, California. I sometimes live these memories in my dreams and regard them as, "My Sea Hunt Days"; when all of us side-walk surfers in Southern California remember exactly where and what we were doing when it was first discovered there really was a scuba diver cop who protected us while we were at the beach. Anyway, nothing could have prepared me emotionally for my family’s decision to move to Southern Utah’s Mormon society in my mid-teens.

Leaders within Mormonism's Melchizedek Priesthood knew, unlike my mother, I was not indoctrinated into this faith from birth other than through baptism at eight years old. Both my mother's parents were Mormon, but my father was a non-practicing Catholic. He cooperated and sent me through Mormonism’s dogmatic rigor out of his love for my mother, but neither of us ever accepted Mormonism's teachings. Therefore, my father and anyone who questioned church dogma, in addition to our non-conforming lifestyles, had a huge negative impact on Mormonism’s penchant for indoctrination; and they knew it!

All throughout my youth, high school years and into my early twenties, I'd felt sandwiched in between Mormon ideology and its criticism of a world's behavior I enjoyed. It was confusing and complex, but certainly more fun than living my life practicing the values and beliefs Mormons prothlesized. What started out as taunting, because I rebelled against their dogma, matured into social and economic hostility toward my identity—who I was. This environment ushered in a destruction of self and awareness I was marked and singled out.

Mormonism's spectacle of financial fraud, child molestation, murder (i.e. crimes against humanity) had survived—generation to generation—within my mother’s family for well over a century. Throughout my childhood, while acting out cause-effect to  Mormonism's molestation, it was assumed I was mentally ill. Often, I found myself believing I had no place in this life, that I was a "Cipher in the Snow" so to speak. Again, the destruction of "self" included the lack of knowledge it was not my fault and that I was unaware of it. This, in addition to my parent's divorce, economic collapse, later suicide of my father and disintegration of my entire family launched me into a cycle of destructive behavior that probably should have been fatal. The United States Air Force, Higher education and time hasn't help that much other than saving my life.

Today, over 40 years later, I continue to find evidence, via Internet search engines and critical treatises, of Mormonism’s historical propensity for committing crimes against humanity. Evidence continues to be found of murder, financial deceit, civil and sexual molestation or other criminal behavior, by Mormon leaders throughout American history. This evidence is documented and overwhelmingly odious. I have wondered how this could happen. Why has Mormon abuse been allowed to continue? What are the reasons for no criminal and civil consequences—past and present? I believe Mormons present a danger to America’s culture, and with circumstances similar to the Nixon tapes, this reality can be proven by language in their Journal of Discourses, Comprehensive History and other historical documents.

Mormon true believers—evidenced by membership in The Melchizedek Priesthood—are scattered throughout agencies and institutions of The United States Government. For over a century, the majority of Mormons were confined to small sects scattered throughout Utah, America’s southwest, and Mexico. Now, their true believers live throughout America and have been placed in Congress, the courts and political arena. A Mormon true believer has twice moved toward gaining access to The United States Presidency.

America has failed to protect citizens like myself and father from the tragic consequences inflicted by Mormonism. Due process and social justice decreed in The United States Constitution is a sham for those with no power. Therefore, America has abused and betrayed its molested children.

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