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Monday, May 9, 2011

Mitt Romney and the Mountain Meadows Massacre

This paper contrasts hate Mormons in Cedar City, Utah had for California bound settlers from Arkansas at Mountain Meadows in September of 1857, with hate directed toward modernity one hundred-ten years later at Cedar City High School. As a freshman attending school there in 1967, I was repeatedly heckled and assaulted for wearing sandals—students called me Moses, while ripping the buttons from the front of my shirt, as I walked in the school doors. At the city park, I was held down while a Cedar City student, wearing a cowboy hat, urinated on my face and head.

In 1857, children old enough to talk about the crime at Mountain Meadows were clubbed to death or shot in the back of their little heads while running from their wagons—because, for the perpetrators, there could be no witnesses (See Juanita Brooks’ Mountain Meadows Massacre). The remains of those children, their families and wagon-train leaders (one hundred-twenty people in all) were left on a prairie floor for two years in the sun, rain, wind and snow. These pioneers from Arkansas were bushwhacked by Mormon hierarchy in Cedar City as they were leaving Utah territory and entering The Great Basin toward California. I had come to Cedar City with my family to attend Cedar City High School one hundred-ten years later in the fall of 1967. I was attacked for my identity, how I dressed and who I was.

Factual evidence provided by Mrs. Brooks speaks to the events at Mountain Meadows as being pre-planned and systematically carried out. She makes it clear in her writing that Brigham Young (prophet and governor) had the means to perpetrate this crime. What was Young’s motive? Parley P. Pratt (great-great grandfather of Mitt Romney) was killed in Arkansas by Hector McLean four months before the massacre in May 1857. Mr. McLean was still the legal husband of Eleanor, Parley’s last plural wife. Parley was Mormonism’s greatest missionary moneymaker. Remember also, this was before The Pony Express, so information about Pratt’s killing traveled slowly. It was also easy to manipulate, and nobody was there who could or would refute it. Pratt was a close friend of Joseph Smith Jr. and Brigham Young, a Danite, and member of The Council of Fifty. Porter Rockwell, also a Danite and childhood friend of Joseph Smith, told Young before the massacre that federal troops were on their way to Utah. This gave Brigham Young the opportunity to use passion and false or deceptive reasoning to provoke his Mormon flock to execute the massacre at Mountain Meadows. It was revenge for the murder of Parley Pratt, upon settlers from the same state as Hector McLean, and funding for Utah’s Mormon War that was Brigham Young’s motive for carrying out this massacre. Therefore, Brigham Young had the means, motive and opportunity to bushwhack and kill one hundred-twenty innocent people at Mountain Meadows.

Concerning Mitt Romney, why shouldn't Americans question him about criminal atrocities committed in cunning revenge by a man he continues to worship. The Fancher wagon train's wealth disappeared. Where did the loot go, and how could this happen? Brigham Young was not only Governor of Utah Territory, but also regarded as a living Prophet of Mormonism in 1857. Therefore, he possessed total control of Church and State. Does anyone really believe John D. Lee, a Mormon Bishop and the only bushwhacker executed for this horrible crime, would stiff (pun intended) Brother Brigham?And finally Mitt, on Brigham Young, was he any different from John Wayne Gacy—or just a different kind of 19th century clown that you've always worshiped?

It was forty-four years after I’d been molested in Cedar City that I contacted Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff another Mormon zealot. For all these years, I'd blamed myself for the molestation perpetrated against me—again, because of similar deception, cunning and revenge by the perpetrators for daring to challenge their values and beliefs. How many other people, who were uniquely expressing themselves, have been bushwhacked and/or molested in Cedar City throughout the 19th and 20th centuries Mitt?

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