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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Why Americans Shouldn’t Kill Politicians

America demonizes its politicians. However, its each other we should hate. So us Radicals say have at it; whack all the damned politicians you want. Another one of like kind, or even more reactionary or progressive, will replace them. Therefore, we point out that ordinary salt-of-the-earth citizens, not scumbag politicians, must always die first. Radicals are furious about America’s propensity for war and police action conflicts. But its idiotic to believe America’s costly wars would be much less bloody if Americans killed politicians and stopped molesting their ordinary citizens. The bellyaching goes on-and-on about the millions of lives that would have been saved—six hundred thousand from our 19th century civil war alone—not counting 1812 or the arrogance associated with Manifest Destiny. These idiots never even consider the Constitution’s three more amendments (13th, 14th, and 15th) after wiping out hundreds of thousands of people.Personally, as a Radical, again I must warn you Tea Party zealots to refrain from plugging Liberal politicians. Jeez, you people who even think about killing these slime-balls are way too damned stupid to be free anyway. Hell, most Radicals I know don’t even consider politicians people of any worth.

How many times have Americans had to put up with egotistical, pissed off Tea Baggers willing to take a bullet or jump on dynamite for their twisted values and beliefs? Well maybe to get into some redistricting, but that’s just a taste their scary f’n political cannibalism anyway. But get this, the eternally hidden message here is ordinary people need to hate ordinary people, and only by maiming or destroying each other can we affect real and meaningful change.

And I’ll give one last clue to all you slowpoke Tea Party twerps. Be careful of media bamboozlers trying to misdirect America’s hate toward politicians—whether the scum is Liberal or Conservative. But also let me give you fair warning. Beware because broadcasters know its little people like us who vote. But just think about how a little intimidation could play out on America’s media. There will be no more pundit spectacles, and no more yelling and finger pointing either. All you ideologues had better clean up your act! The Tea Party could take a stand for the good, old cap and/or blast!

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