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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Why Conscientious Anarchy in Temperament Works

Google it anytime, for pictures of what a good American shakedown rebellion could look like. Now, can you just imagine what this crap-hole, for the majority of people, would look like as the chaos, looting and shooting was going down? Can you vividly see how “real change” throughout America would take place?

Anarchists believe justice is waiting for America's plutocrat molesters. Or is it revenge anarchist’s want for these rich turds' nasty behavior toward them? Do you think justice is still waiting for our measly, no account, not worth the hell mentioning, heretic to the core souls? Personally, I feel pain not having the power to pull the plug and flush America's filthy toilet. Before readers get too upset about this sedition, just listen for one moment to my argument; it goes something like this. America's hierarchy of affluent plutocrats pay-off and corrupt politicians. And, now many Americans get it! That’s f’n why your political maggots don’t care about being reelected or thrown out of office, and that's why they continue to molest Americans with "your" agenda; because these politicians will be financially rewarded anyway—whether they win or lose.

People who advocate political and economic justice through violent anarchy are really boneheads though. They should acknowledge, if only to their ignorant selves, the chaos society would experience. Is it assumed anarchist’s blood lusting for revenge would be settled with four knuckles to the jaw of you dirty capitalist stinks? What would your true believers think as their pols were having their heads mounted on pike poles and paraded up and down the boulevards of America's greatest cities? Who in the f'n hell would even think about calling law enforcement as they were running for their filthy-stink, hypocrite lives? And what boneheads you are to think about hiding in your churches! See, this is what the killing instinct is all about. This dim-witted temperament of conventional anarchy is bathed in romantic passion and romance not reasoned or realistic outlook. The real message here is that using any violence, including looting these parsimonious, tightwad right-wingers; gives their thoroughly corrupt from the top to bottom of a hierarchical dung pit of down-home pigs the permission to cap and/or blast your asses before the squealing wankers then throw "our" parade.

Congress, and even some past Presidents, has spoken candidly in writing, and even speeches, of their contempt for democracy for citizens they identify as “The Dangerous Class”. Their corrupt and crooked actions are absolutely rooted in monarchy and aristocracy. Therefore, should Jefferson’s quote, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time-to-time with the blood of patriots and tyrants”, be looked on as pure, political romance?

Jefferson’s message, for over two hundred years, has always been decorated with small amounts of pragmatism. Power corrupts, and politicians (especially in Congress) rarely enact laws designed to protect America's most vulnerable citizens. For over two centuries, “Congressional Thugs” have amended and deleted parts of The U.S. Constitution. The “Why” was to usurp liberty’s protection for political and economic power—not only for themselves but also for their sniveling, greedy, money grubbing posterity. Just think about that scumbag (hint, hint: Rover's boar piss) you see threatening members of Congress with a contract "he" demands they sign. This is why our more violent kind think this stink on America's Constitution must be dealt with.

In contrast, conscientious temperament, for anarchists who have always distrusted America’s duplicitous, thoroughly corrupt to the core, nasty plutocrats; is to publish our blogs that expose the political crimes of these politically deceitful, f’n, no-account slime balls. By communicating over the internet we can organize people throughout America to take these dirty, filthy stinks down. What are your double-talking, blood-sucking leaches going to do about that—huh?

It now become a “We the People” game in the minds of Americans. Just think about it! What’s America’s corrupt, sleazy, stinking, slime ridden Congress going to do bust us for, bad brainwaves? But in the context of an 1802 American Presidential election and John Adams’ sedition legislation he’d signed to take Americans back into dungeons of the dark ages, Jefferson’s remark spoke against conscientious temperament. Conscientious anarchists love his quote; however unrealistic it may have been, but we cut the passion and romance and stick to “Reasoned Hell Razing”!

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