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Monday, September 26, 2011

Collective Organizations in Cooperative Markets

The philosophy of Classical Liberalism was established in the early 19th century following the political and economic collapse of aristocracy and monarchy. Its ethic was a step away from the tyranny of telling people whether their destiny was Noble or Serf toward individual responsibility for the outcome of one's life. It spoke to laissez faire or government hands off—no spending of public monies for economic purposes. It was also heavy on self-reliance, and it defined politicians today who call themselves Libertarians.

Social Liberals, on the other hand, have bastardized the philosophy of Classical Liberalism. They've created government spending programs designed to socially engineer a compassionate society—universal caregiver for all—with government and capitalism as institutional companions. Therefore, these “bastard” values and beliefs (an ideology) contradict Classical Liberalism and are outside the parameters of this early 19th Century philosophy.

Contrast Classical Liberalism with Capitalism and you’ll see that both philosophies stress individual responsibility while people compete with each other to seek their own selfish desires (individualism). Both also assume everybody is better off (the invisible hand) that resources (labor, technology, tools of production) move toward products and services demanded and away from those products or services not demanded, evidence of a free market environment. Therefore, both models of Classical Liberalism and Capitalism omit collective organization and cooperation as values and beliefs that people can work for a common purpose—even though collective cooperation also is compatible with the allocation of resources in free markets.

Look, it’s all about opportunity not equality. Equality is a red herring—a stinky fish designed by bastard Liberals to distract Americans from ownership opportunity for our effort. Capitalists, in their insatiable pursuit of individualism, make Conservatives bad for large portions of America's population too. All Americans are asking for is the ability to choose between two options: whether to continue producing for individuals and competitively (Capitalism) or whether to cooperate (collectivism). Through Collective Cooperation, ideas to create opportunity can be communicated through business plans to lenders and entrepreneurs who will act on an idea's feasibility. As Collective Cooperation grows, government will be pushed out of America's economic environment. Choice will allow people who depend on a government dole an alternate pathway to break free.

Collective Cooperation is a Libertarian effort to rejuvenate America's free market by eliminating government. It represents a crisis of choice: Either individualistic competition or collective cooperation in the production of goods and services. It will give Americans the option for collective ownership for their ability, education and honest work at any position within an industry, trade or profession. It also motivates people to produce for greater paychecks and educate themselves for better pay for the position they hold within their collective enterprise.

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