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Monday, September 12, 2011

The Collective Power of Radical Crowds

What’s with this slick-toed, soft-shoe shuffler President and his stimulus spending/ middle class tax cut plan? The meager spending is dashing any hope of boosting consumer confidence and semblance for purposeful employment of the disenfranchised scattered throughout America’s red, white and blue. What voter knew Obama would surround himself with Israelites (e.g., Emanuel, Axelrod, Geithner, Bernanke, Summers) who used lobbyists to pimp the bailout of America’s financial markets to Congressional Democrats and Republicans. These are just two reasons this ten-toothed-grinning double-talker in The White House continues to piss-off Radical Americans like me.

In addition to a poverty-driven middle-class and corruption in America’s financial markets, for us Radicals, political criminality throws fuel on our rage. These State crimes by America’s elite corporate plutocracy were mostly hidden before advent of the blogosphere. Who wonders about the rant, dominated by fanatical, fruitcake Tea Partiers on one end of the spectrum and boneheaded, utopian led Liberals on the other? Why isn’t anyone asking, “Where’s the f’n beef from these politicians that should be protecting us”? You Tea Partiers and Liberals remind me of the whiners in soup lines during The Great Depression—what boneheads you all are!

Today if Radicals had our serious numbers of yesteryear, we would never tolerate this from a Congress we knew to be corrupt. We’d be breaking bones and busting heads as we did over ninety years ago—there’d be some severe ass-kicking going down! This f’n country would be at a standstill and the stinkpot politicians know it. This is why “our dangerous kind” has to be kept to a minimum or eliminated from time-to-time. For hell sakes, company goons have beat, stuck, and shot us since the Radical Labor marches of Woodrow Wilson’s Administration. This is because corporate plutocrats have bought both Republicans and Democrats; and therefore, both parties are bad for “People”.

All Radical’s demand now is this; first, put the money, you slime-balls stole in tax breaks, back into America’s treasury you f’n plutocratic thugs”! Also, give American workers collective acquisition of resources (contrasted with your private ownership). Pay us for the services and goods we produce (value added) and bring to market. We want collective power—whether we are a street sweeper, skilled laborer, or working professional.  Collective organization through cooperation, not competition, isn't unfriendly to capitalism. Resources (labor and technology) will still move in the direction of products and services in demand and away from those products and services not demanded. Therefore, this free market for resources is evidence capitalism would still exist with collective organization. Every bonehead knows no Democrat or Liberal politician would dare argue for collective organization of labor to his or her plutocratic handlers; regardless, we’re not giving in one more damn inch to your wage slavery.

So how are Radicals going to cut Capitalism’s noose from around our necks? Americans are conditioned to believe spontaneous demonstrations are violent; so even soft-core, shakdowns scare the piss out of them. The only important thing to remember is Pigs really love riots—especially looting! It’s much easier to single “the slugs” (as they call us) out. Then they can yank our greasy hair, beat us about our puny, skinny-ridden bodies and if they deem necessary, grab their gun and blast us in our emaciated guts. After all, we are the abused ones. Because our collective unity petrifies these extremist Pigs, real and meaningful change, for Radicals, will come non-violently through “Power of the Crowd”. There are f’n good reasons why Gandhi, King Jr., and Lennon scared the crap out of plutocrats, corrupt politicians and their Pigs. Peacefully, these three Radicals organized crowds of people to march. This disoriented hegemony and oppression, both of which are tyrants to liberty.

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