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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Beyond the American Ethic of Religious Tolerance

Arza Evans’ Keystone of Mormonism points to evidence contained in the Book of Mormon to expose Joseph Smith’s fiction—from wooden submarines to wrong DNA. Mr. Evans, who is an ex-communicated Mormon missionary and Professor of Economics, was a victim of his talent to critically think about scriptures he’d studied and proselytized about all his life. It was during research to increase his testimony that he “turned down his Mormon filter” and began discovering damning information. His work is a reference tool that exposes Mormonism’s abominable crimes committed throughout the 19th and 20th century which included murder, rape, and extortion.

All people who are alone with knowledge of Mormonism’s fraud and separated from their families, now have objective evidence, citation after citation. Therefore, in the words of Mormon leaders, themselves: contained in Church History (7 volumes), The Journal of Discourses (26 volumes) and Comprehensive History (6 volumes); historians have established as "fact" the criminal behavior (for centuries now) of key individuals within "The Church". Arza Evans’ Keystone of Mormonism is a digest for people who know they’re being abused and have lost, or are scared of losing, their families. The collated evidence is damning at least and obviously criminal in most cases.

Keystone of Mormonism uncovers and reveals a secret society with its nineteenth century rituals that are still practiced today. This book is a tool for discovering Mormon history from their historical perspective. Christians will be appalled when they compare Smith’s doctrine with Christianity’s New Testament and note Smith’s hostility toward the teachings of Jesus Christ in His gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. In a separate chapter, Arza points to passages that expose Smith and Young not only charlatans, but also sexual hyenas deliberately tearing apart the emotions and lives of numerous women who were faithful followers.

If my father would have had access to the information in Arza Evans’ Keystone of Mormonism when I molested in Cedar City, Utah in the fall of 1967, or could have compared what was happening to me with the information about the Mountain Meadows Massacre and the atrocities committed by Mormons since the early 19th century; we would have known the behavior I manifested wasn't my fault. The bottom line is he thought his oldest child was mentally ill, dangerous and crazy. He didn't know his child was being molested. My family might have survived this assault and later suicide of my father (he shot himself through the heart at a gun club in Las Vegas) had they known about The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints. My Catholic father and his family was “Held Hostage” and destroyed because of the abuse of Mormonism in Cedar City, Utah.

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