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Monday, October 3, 2011

Why Can’t Liberals Just Get Along

We "The Conservative People of America" absolutely can’t imagine how, for you bleeding hearts, Barack Obama represents anything different from W. Bush’s fiscal debacle. Obama’s wildly flung pitch, high to the inside, on hope, change and unity clearly beaned most of you Liberals. Awe hell, just look at the mess you people have gotten "Simple Americans" into now. Obviously, financial corporations and their bottom line haven't given a hoot about people's  lives or family. You should have known that it was all about profits and our corporate image, not people—especially Homo Sapiens. Since when have the privileged, especially Wall Street's elite, ever wanted to share anyway? Therefore, how can you boneheads who believed this charlatan be anything but either idiots or Liberals.

Throughout America’s precious history, our slick drifters (err grifters) have always been able to sell you po' folk that hope, change and unity was possible, and yes you could. I mean, look! We've already placated Hispanics. Now corporate America is teaching them all about "American Me". Previously we've had to compensate Indians who claimed they’d been screwed for whats now our land. Africans have always been into their shakedown game of trying to stick their grubby, gnarly to-the-core hands into our truly, tried and traditional coat pockets. Hell, they should all be happy America kidnapped their ancestors from Africa.
Aren't they all better off? Well then, that about does it! We The C. P. of A. could cares less if this slick dude in America’s White House even has a birth certificate!

But really, how many of you po' folk care when it comes down to a nominal sacrifice? I mean, who are you to think anyone we've placed into positions of power would even consider employing your lazy asses? Again, who do you think you are? First off, most of you are still way too simply broken to deserve a tax break or dividend. And secondly, when will you all realize that "for you" politics and economic privilege will always just be a spectator sport? Finally, for many of us not on the extremist end of the continuum, we wonder why you just can’t get along. I mean, come on now! Can’t America be united again?

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