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Monday, September 15, 2014

The Bum On A Bridge

I saw the bum on a bridge or' Truckee rapid
ice-tattered battered freezin' below thirty.
This veteran horror-able story isn't vapid
but painful lessons learned down and dirty.

Where’s shelter mister to stretch and lay.
I'm hungry cold and tired of searching
in protest conscientious anarchy's way
for a better world caring and nurturing.

Shelters are cheap suits the vagrant declared
they give false hope with no opportune time anew.
As white light glares human nature's never cared
will those suff''rin' know where you come from too?

Therefore if you're searchin' for a warmer season
follow observation and drop the deductive reason!

Proximity's Oasis

If you're ready and want to see
I will tell you how.

Cause seeing straight is so unreal and hard
You'll want children to sing and drums at play.

Everyone will laugh at fantasy occurring
In nature’s back yard. 

Reality has left here today if visions
Seem like dreams that now feel real.

Within towering green elm
See the butterflies with bright eyes smiling.

As they flutter around a colossus carousel
Can you see them now?

Monarchs painted preternatural colors golden honey
And nature's creation oil.

Playing once post chrysalis when spring arrives
With her dampened soil.

Thousand millions flying through proximity's oasis
While everyone counted the myriad of their traces.
Brought into golden gate's subconscious spaces
Drums rolled we danced to songs of pretty faces.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Beyond the American Ethic of Religious Tolerance

Arza Evans’ Keystone of Mormonism points to evidence contained in the Book of Mormon to expose Joseph Smith’s fiction—from wooden submarines to wrong DNA. Mr. Evans, who is an ex-communicated Mormon missionary and Professor of Economics, was a victim of his talent to critically think about scriptures he’d studied and proselytized about all his life. It was during research to increase his testimony that he “turned down his Mormon filter” and began discovering damning information. His work is a reference tool that exposes Mormonism’s abominable crimes committed throughout the 19th and 20th century which included murder, rape, and extortion.

All people who are alone with knowledge of Mormonism’s fraud and separated from their families, now have objective evidence, citation after citation. Therefore, in the words of Mormon leaders, themselves: contained in Church History (7 volumes), The Journal of Discourses (26 volumes) and Comprehensive History (6 volumes); historians have established as "fact" the criminal behavior (for centuries now) of key individuals within "The Church". Arza Evans’ Keystone of Mormonism is a digest for people who know they’re being abused and have lost, or are scared of losing, their families. The collated evidence is damning at least and obviously criminal in most cases.

Keystone of Mormonism uncovers and reveals a secret society with its nineteenth century rituals that are still practiced today. This book is a tool for discovering Mormon history from their historical perspective. Christians will be appalled when they compare Smith’s doctrine with Christianity’s New Testament and note Smith’s hostility toward the teachings of Jesus Christ in His gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. In a separate chapter, Arza points to passages that expose Smith and Young not only charlatans, but also sexual hyenas deliberately tearing apart the emotions and lives of numerous women who were faithful followers.

If my father would have had access to the information in Arza Evans’ Keystone of Mormonism when I molested in Cedar City, Utah in the fall of 1967, or could have compared what was happening to me with the information about the Mountain Meadows Massacre and the atrocities committed by Mormons since the early 19th century; we would have known the behavior I manifested wasn't my fault. The bottom line is he thought his oldest child was mentally ill, dangerous and crazy. He didn't know his child was being molested. My family might have survived this assault and later suicide of my father (he shot himself through the heart at a gun club in Las Vegas) had they known about The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints. My Catholic father and his family was “Held Hostage” and destroyed because of the abuse of Mormonism in Cedar City, Utah.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Witch’s Hammer: A Short-Story Fiction of Tall Tail (err Tale) "NC-17"

You’re the one who said Mormons are all children of abuse, so what's the f'ing use! This is why Menlo Park Veterans Hospital would like you to talk straight—about Dixie, that small school at the southern end of the state you spoke of attending round nineteen seventy-eight. Speak to us again about the notorious professor, that was once a missionary, who dared to challenge values and beliefs, zeal and as you said, the hate! You say he had access to Mormon Temple archives in Salt Lake, wrote a study guide entitled, “Was Jesus Christ a Capitalist”and lectured Econ. Aren't self-reliance and free agency sacred cows for Mormonism’s true believers—from Deacon? And, oh yes, about that other book contrasting and comparing economic philosophies with Mormonism. You quipped that he put a snag in what you called “Their Zion Curtain”. This guy sounds like a real "Son of a Bishop", that’s for certain! You seem have a conflict of conscience with Mormons; is this the reason you've come to us hurtin’?

Well it’s only because, as they do, the Mormon church was damning this professor—and among his family too. They were damning him methodically, and nobody knew. For years, he’d followed their trail of clues that revealed what Mormonism had done to faithful and their families—the f'ing screws! They've always screwed Mormons they deemed to be "Jack”. Oh well, I mean a sense of morality and justice is what they lack. That’s my alibi for performing tricks while delivering anarchy’s news—the licks!

Be straight with us now and don’t tinker, when you say this professor’s information was previously hidden from historians or even one critical thinker. So Church leaders could no longer hide his sources—Mormonism's Comprehensive History and Journal of Discourses? You say these were books of chronicled evidence, events with dates began before and continued after Joseph Smith’s claim of revelation, possession of an ancient history on golden plates. Therefore, according to you, this professor was exposing Joseph Smith Jr. and crew's historical use of fear, deception, secrecy and murder. You say this professor exposed pathological and criminal behavior not of Mormons in general, but crimes committed by Joseph Smith Junior, Brigham Young and any big-time Church member; that small people couldn't or refused to see and/or remember. Therefore, you believe this intellectual displayed courage when he spoke about what he’d found in his research and ended up paying a high price for his integrity? Obviously these circumstances, or cause you speak of, have produced in you an effect.

I had to separate from myself to escape these demons. I’d had the most horrible dreams. Being a small boy, I was sent to this vicious, no-account, little, barnyard site. While there, I received treatments beneath acidic, yellow light. With everyone taunting and laughing overhead, it was such a f'ing horrible sight while being held down so tight. So hey mister, where’s my type supposed to troll? God’s already taken his ultimate toll. Now it's my turn to swallow every one of his comers whole. And when are all these horrible dreams going to end? Why was I chosen to be the one—my family’s prodigal son? Can’t we sing like we were young children again?

So Krishna wasn't a tag used for fun or to flirt. It provoked cowboys to rip the buttons down your shirt. Therefore, Krishna was a queue for beatings, degradation and humiliation constructed for the twerp. You say they held you down, urinating on your head and face, for their goodness’ sake?

It was this problem with Mormon molestation; laying their hands and plans all over me. So I had to dissolve myself. It was their deprecation that preceded my psyche’s disintegration. I couldn't measure up to their standard. I had tried to make things better; but I was still wearing their Scarlet Letter.

And about our diagnosis of neurosis? If you sought another life to feel unique; why would it be more fun to switch dress, Bea Jenowin? Aren't you just really a freak?

When I look out my window,
Many sights to see.
And when I look in my window,
So many different people to be
That it's strange, so strange.
                                    D. Leitch

And what were the Beatle Boots under the dress all about? Oh, we get it! You were the fairy cross-dressed for mercy—right? Then you changed and turned-about to perform tricks. Looking for clarity, a cause to cook, you hit the street soliciting johns and begging for charity. Now it's all about yer fagot, sorry-ass without a clue, sucking young dicks with your hair tinted blue. We see you you also no longer fix, but get up early every morning for your methadone mix.

But for these Mormons, it sounds like it was no big deal. You're the one who chose to appeal! And what's the story about tracking down boys to squirt them, missionaries proselytizing too, with urine from a bottle while skipping up Santa Monica boulevard—full throttle. In front of their Temple, looking like one of the dangerous types, you stopped at every traffic light spraying-wipe-spraying your caustic piss all over their bikes. You even threatened, while demanding cash,  to squirt young ladies on their ass. You'd squirt them all over their dress, you beast—yes, we mean you—for giving you one, single, little, tiny penny less. You called it "The Hollywood Hustle". But what was up with all your excitement, and why were you so giddy? You’d been living in a shelter in Culver City.

The Savage Effect

Paint your mind and run wildly naked
without tights in figure eights.
When you come to with bud stuck all
over your forearms and glycerin based
jamin-jelly smeared all over and misplaced,
you’ll still be cookin' too,
canna-butter laced.

I pulled my “Savage Effect” by mirroring the molester’s perversion back at their precious little ones. They were just looking for a little "Pre-Mission", so to say. A face-to-waist prayer session, instead of a lay, which I could give them any time of day. For two years they'd be straight; before they could get any on our kind of date. Listen here sweethearts! Nothing tickles my tall, tight, little ass more than revenge.

I was just another Circle Jerk among fallen leaves, standin' under the tall trees. I was never able to remember much—all that  lysergic acid and always off the cuff. But you all know, I've dropped enough of Owsley Stanley's stuff. I constantly recall all the hell; because, I can still see Satan pulling detail.

Look, Mormons were telling me Africans had the curse of Cain, were inferior and were wimps before they were ever born. In previous life they said with scorn. I couldn't imagine why their demons would do this to me at fifteen—why my childhood was being torn.

So later in your life, how could this institutionalized racism and cover-up of crimes not affect your military career and cause you strife? You worked for a Civil Engineering Squadron? Ah, here it is! Air Force 57150, an airport firefighter in West Germany living your moment of time on America’s dime. Would it be safe for us to assume that working with African Americans, Airman of a different race and creed, was your first taste of affirmative action?  And everyone depended on each other for their lives? What satisfaction!

Did you hear the one about the ghost, colored honey, with a horn one hundred-ten years before my sanity was torn? Who took the damned loot from um? Paiutes had no use for the money! Why would Mormon faithful stiff Brother Brigham?

I didn't know why these Mormons were beating my skinny ass. These fellows were the great-great grandsons of participants past, a 1857 massacre at Mountain Meadows in mass. How could molesters so lame, have no damn shame? I hadn't yet dreamed that scene: the men, women and small children old enough to talk left to coyotes and crow. For two years, 120 people’s remains were scattered—never buried—about the prairie in the sun, rain, wind, and snow. His ancestors were Puritan, and his roots went to the Malleus Maleficarum—The Hammer for for a Colony in New England—you know, to use as justice for intelligent bitches they deemed to be witches.

Was he the one who wore a cowboy hat like the bushwhackers you talked about in 1857 at the site? Was he one of them standing above you in that acidic, yellow light; for only a few to see, weren't they the ones who ripped your soul and sexuality from puberty?

He was a Governor and favorite son of a family Crest's core, reaching back hundreds of years with a Coat of Arms nobody could ignore. So haven't you heard what was said; "Higbee the Hacker" gave the order to fire dressed-up Indian with face painted red. Together they heckled that I was different an outsider from another State. They were the great-great grandchildren—ghosts of Major John Higbee and Isaac Chauncey Haight. I had worn beads the first day at school—"Modernity"—fresh for them to hate. Krishna! Krishna! Krishna! Their goons taunted in a sharp staccato first as they spit, then rolled it from their throat and wouldn't quit. But if anyone here really even cares to know, it's that life is only sort of like a wheel; the further one changes the easier it is for them to "ho"!

Monday, August 15, 2011

White Horse Prophecy Incorporated

In 1843, Joseph Smith Jr. got desperate when The United States Congress, or anyone else in Washington DC, wouldn't provide cover from retaliation against Mormons by United States citizens. In short, as far as Smith was concerned,The Constitution had failed to protect his followers. This is because self-proclaimed “Saints” had already been expelled at gunpoint from Missouri in 1838. I mean, how would you feel if some crazy, zealot was convinced Independence was in territory proclaimed by Joseph Smith Jr. to be The Garden of Eden? Illinois’ citizens, whom Mormons had also deceived, extorted, and politically threatened, were looking to expel them too. Now how was Smith’s con going to survive the scrutiny of his “critically thinking” followers?

This reality in American history convinced Joseph Smith Jr. that The United States Constitution represented nothing but Federalist power—supreme law with teeth. It was also way too powerful for him to thwart in his desire to create church and state—for no one but his Saints’ sake! Like Presidents’ James Monroe, Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson before him, Smith was anti-federalist. And similar to past anti-federalist Presidents, Smith feared centralized political power could evolve into monarchy. And finally, most of all, he wanted protection for Mormons and his future State of Deseret.
For a short-term solution to his problem, Smith concocted a political ruse to placate his flock for the short-term. With a declaration to Mormonism’s faithful, Smith pronounced they were the only “Real Americans” and therefore the legitimate heirs of The Pilgrims and The Founding Fathers. Turning to The Holy Bible for passion and metaphor, Smith conjured up The White Horse Prophesy . Smith lifted his inspiration from the New Testament’s Book of Revelation (Rev. 6:1&2). In one last ditch effort to gain ultimate political power of the United States Presidency, while destroying printing presses and running from President Polk’s warrant for murder and treason; his life ended in a bloody show-down in June of 1844 at Carthage Jail in Nauvoo, Illinois.

After Joseph Smith’s murder by an enraged mob, all Mormons had been driven at gunpoint from Missouri and now they were forced from Illinois territory. Most left their land and much of their property behind before temporarily settling at Winter Quarters, Nebraska. This preceded the Old Testament symbolism of an exodus by Brigham Young (a practicing Freemason) and his new flock of Saints across the Great Plains of America. Mormons ultimately settled at The Great Salt Lake in 1847.

In 1855, again looking to thwart sanctions from The United States government and unite the passion of faithful Mormons, Brigham Young resurrected Smith’s White Horse symbolism stating; “When the Constitution of the United States hangs, as it were upon a single thread, they will have to call for the Mormon Elders to save it from utter destruction; and they will step forth and do it.” This was followed by The Mountain Meadows Massacre and Young's Confrontation with The U.S. Government. The Utah Mormon War—May 1857 until July 1858—produced no battles but mainly non-Mormon civilian deaths.

Fast-forward, nearly one-hundred years and over a dozen reminders of The Prophesy by church leaders, to the Presidential Election of 1952 for the next bold attempt to provoke turmoil using Smith’s White Horse Prophesy. Everyone familiar with Mormonism’s crimes against humanity throughout the 19th Century had passed away. The set-up for carrying out a political power-grab now was to create grass-root Mormon support for Dwight D. Eisenhower. And for political payback, President Eisenhower responded by appointing Ezra Taft Benson as his Secretary of Agriculture.

Following the lead of both Houses of Congress: Senator Joseph McCarthy’s Permanent Sub-committee on Investigations, and The House Un-American Activities Committee, E.T. Benson, a vicious opponent of Liberalism, stoked the pot of Mormon fervor throwing accusations of communist membership against political leaders. Convinced by Robert W. Walsh Jr., founder of the John Birch Society (JBS) that President Eisenhower was being influenced by communists; E.T. Benson sent correspondence, he marked personal and confidential, to Director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover. Benson wrote that he believed President Eisenhower was a Communist. One fact that pissed-off E.T. Benson was that President Eisenhower no longer trusted his extremist viewpoints. Benson’s anti-communist rhetoric was designed to create a communism scandal directed at a Decorated United States President, and then spin this turmoil into conservative political power directed at Mormonism’s voting electorate. Does this type of behavior sound familiar looking at it in hindsight—now, over sixty years later?

Ezra Taft Benson’s invocation of Smith’s White Horse Prophesy to promote an ant-communist message was later telecast using David O. Mckay’s white suit and hair as symbolism. Like every other eight-year old Mormon boy, I was compelled to suck this stuff up, in male exclusive meetings, after I was baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints priesthood. I was on a fast track to Mormon indoctrination in the beach city of Torrance, California while “desk diving” for nuclear drills. It was now the early sixties. I saw Mormonism’s Hocus-pocus, the “us against them” prank up close. But hell, this wasn't all about me, like I could have bolted anytime? All you Saints know the f’n drill: "We’re the only true church all others are inferior at best and eternally damned at worst". My mother, a Mormon with a missionary’s zeal, attended John Birch Society meetings during this period. A copy of The Naked Communist, by W. Cleon Skousen along with other (JBS) material sat on the living room table of our home next to her Ray Charles records—this is "not shit"! And there again was David O. McKay in his white suit and white hair—all the symbolism needed for another political Mormonism power grab. Although, as a child, I could not understand what was happening, later in my life, as I became better educated and with research and introspection; I stopped blaming myself when the reality of Mormonism manifest itself.

So Senator Mike Lee and Rep. Jason Chaffetz, along with the rest of you molester Mormons behold this; America’s getting your filthy Tea Party gig—and check this out suckers! I’m telling Bill Oreilly that you’re all f’ing treasonous! Like Glenn Beck, who continues to politic this White Horse Prophesy crap, your efforts at forcing The United States Government to default on its outstanding debt are nothing but another Anti-Federalist attempt designed to take down America’s Constitution. Your motive is a political power grab for The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints. You've seen success using The Utah Tea Party to push America into turmoil, by creating financial disorder, so far. It’s never been about anything more than using anti-federalism rhetoric to restore church and state—Mormonism’s intrinsic goal for your own sake.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Mormon Money Machine


This paper exposes Mormonism's political criminality in Southern Utah. The events I speak of took place in late 1988 to early 1992. A California Corporation had built a circuit board job-shop in an industrial park in the north of St. George, Utah. In hasty anticipation, most of us hired (including me) believed we had finally found a good job in high-tech. But once the front doors opened, employees were informed by the general manager (GM) that (sic) "Only Mormon missionaries can be on my management team". This Englishman circuit board designer, referred to today as "Mr. English", but whose real name is Lionel Fullwood, had recently come to St. George and was waiting to receive his green card. All hourly employees, regardless of the position they held, or the education in which they brought with them to work, were hired at the same wage—the minimum $4.25 per hour.


1959 Centennial Drive St. George, Utah 84770
Phone: (435) 688-7452

Clearly, some who were observing Lionel Fullwood understood he was attempting to structure a work environment where active Mormons, in positions as supervisors and production workers, worked and cooperated with Mormon missionaries who were their managers. These facts can be established by looking at empirical evidence: That is; demands for Mormon missionary affiliation by Lionel Fullwood, those people present at the time who were discriminated against and physical evidence (employment records) that are open to any curious person through elementary investigation and simple observation.

Over the next several months (midway through 1989), Corporate California discovered what Lionel Fullwood was doing. Their discovery wasn't a coincidence either. Several employees, including myself, felt his prejudice and discrimination was an obvious violation of federal law. But afterward, Corporate California continued to cooperate with Lionel Fullwood. He openly began to brag about personally knowing the Corporate CEO, then abruptly resigned. Corporate California continued to consult with Lionel Fullwood and ultimately had him hire another general manager to take his place in St. George. All the while he proclaimed that our action against him was (sic) “politically unacceptable”. Hello! Management hadn't heard of The Civil Rights Act of 1964? Many, if not most, of the circuit boards being produced by this St. George circuit board shop were being shipped interstate. Stock of this California Corporation was listed on The New York Stock Exchange.

Now angry because he couldn't enact his exclusive missionary management policy, Lionel Fullwood selected a group of the shop’s exclusive missionary team and converted them to start his own circuit board factory. When Lionel Fullwood's strategy failed again, these same Mormon missionaries were rehired back at the St. George shop. Apparently, management hadn't heard about felony conversion of corporate resources. It's interesting to note that the new GM, hired by Lionel Fullwood, couldn't turn on or operate his computer. How could the stockholders of this California Corporation approve of this economic behavior: first a dumb-down of general management and then a transfer managers (corporate resources) to someone who had resigned from Corporate California to produce and profit in the same industry—in another word, compete?

Why would a California Corporation build its circuit board factory in Southern Utah? St. George is over one hundred miles from a major city—in another state. Obviously, its location was a logistical constraint in 1988. Wouldn't it have been more feasible for a large California Corporation to build a manufacturing job-shop in a large city—or even closer to, or adjoining, its California facility? Larger cities also have larger employment pools of qualified applicants and 24-hour delivery service for an on-time advantage. So how could a circuit board shop in St. George, Utah compete?

Lionel Fullwood violated federal and state laws and was not prosecuted, and neither was he deported. By 1988, The Reagan Administration had underfunded (or deregulated) institutions designed to protect Americans against abuse in the workplace; this included The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints capitalized, because they controlled both the economic and political arena—especially in Southern Utah. The population of St. George was roughly at forty-eight thousand in 1990. One person was available at EEOC—of course this was all due to budget cuts. Therefore, anyone who complained about a violation of federal law was compelled to wait three months for an investigation to begin. This one-person staff member also noted the employer would be given a month’s notice; and no, I haven't read much Kafka lately!

Where was the media in St. George? Who was, and who still is, controlling the newspapers and radio stations in Southern Utah—why all the repression? Lionel Fullwood got away with Gross civil rights violations and converting a California Corporation’s employees for his own personal use. This was with the tacit approval of a California Corporate CEO and its board of directors. What would all this “observable” evidence say about culpability of the St. George City Fathers? Karl Brooks, a Mormon missionary, was the Mayor of St. George, Utah circa 1990. State and city dignitaries were frequently in the St. George plant in its beginning months of operation.

The evidence in this essay points to political crimes resulting from a Reagan policy of defunding/deregulation. This policy allowed political criminals, throughout Southern Utah, to use a circuit board shop to commit federal and state crimes. These political crimes were committed by “outsiders” (persons outside of the political arena), a California Corporation, Mormon missionaries and Lionel Fullwood, for the cost advantage of paying below-normal wages. Political crimes were also committed by "insiders" (government officials) for financial (certainly tithing and maybe kickbacks) and systematic, political gain. Therefore, this was and still is Mormonism's economic model for corruption—a way of gathering tithing and religiously, coerced labor from members using businesses the Mormon Church controls—The Mormon Money Machine.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mitt Romney and the Mountain Meadows Massacre

This paper contrasts hate Mormons in Cedar City, Utah had for California bound settlers from Arkansas at Mountain Meadows in September of 1857, with hate directed toward modernity one hundred-ten years later at Cedar City High School. As a freshman attending school there in 1967, I was repeatedly heckled and assaulted for wearing sandals—students called me Moses while, ripping the buttons from the front of my shirt, as I walked in the school doors. At the city park, I was held down while a Cedar City student, wearing a cowboy hat, urinated on my face and head.

In 1857, children old enough to talk about the crime at Mountain Meadows were clubbed to death or shot in the back of their little heads while running from their wagons—because, for the perpetrators, there could be no witnesses (See Juanita Brooks’ Mountain Meadows Massacre). The remains of those children, their families and wagon-train leaders (one hundred-twenty people in all) were left on a prairie floor for two years in the sun, rain, wind and snow. These pioneers from Arkansas were bushwhacked by Mormon hierarchy in Cedar City as they were leaving Utah territory and entering The Great Basin toward California. I had come to Cedar City with my family to attend Cedar City High School one hundred-ten years later in the fall of 1967. I was attacked for my identity, how I dressed and who I was.

Factual evidence provided by Mrs. Brooks speaks to the events at Mountain Meadows as being pre-planned and systematically carried out. She makes it clear in her writing that Brigham Young (prophet and governor) had the means to perpetrate this crime. What was Young’s motive? Parley P. Pratt (great-great grandfather of Mitt Romney) was killed in Arkansas by Hector McLean four months before the massacre in May 1857. Mr. McLean was still the legal husband of Eleanor, Parley’s last plural wife. Parley was Mormonism’s greatest missionary moneymaker. Remember also, this was before The Pony Express, so information about Pratt’s killing traveled slowly. It was also easy to manipulate, and nobody was there who could or would refute it. Pratt was a close friend of Joseph Smith Jr. and Brigham Young, a Danite, and member of The Council of Fifty. Porter Rockwell, also a Danite and childhood friend of Joseph Smith, told Young before the massacre that federal troops were on their way to Utah. This gave Brigham Young the opportunity to use passion and false or deceptive reasoning to provoke his Mormon flock to execute the massacre at Mountain Meadows. It was revenge for the murder of Parley Pratt, upon settlers from the same state as Hector McLean, and funding for Utah’s Mormon War that was Brigham Young’s motive for carrying out this massacre. Therefore, Brigham Young had the means, motive and opportunity to bushwhack and kill one hundred-twenty innocent people at Mountain Meadows.

Concerning Mitt Romney, why shouldn't Americans question him about criminal atrocities committed in cunning revenge by a man he continues to worship. The Fancher wagon train's wealth disappeared. Where did the loot go, and how could this happen? Brigham Young was not only Governor of Utah Territory, but also regarded as a living Prophet of Mormonism in 1857. Therefore, he possessed total control of Church and State. Does anyone really believe John D. Lee, a Mormon Bishop and the only bushwhacker executed for this horrible crime, would stiff (pun intended) Brother Brigham?And finally Mitt, on Brigham Young, was he any different from John Wayne Gacy—or just a different kind of 19th century clown that you've always worshiped?

It was forty-four years after I’d been molested in Cedar City that I contacted Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff another Mormon zealot. For all these years, I'd blamed myself for the molestation perpetrated against me—again, because of similar deception, cunning and revenge by the perpetrators for daring to challenge their values and beliefs. How many other people, who were uniquely expressing themselves, have been bushwhacked and/or molested in Cedar City throughout the 19th and 20th centuries Mitt?